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  • Commented on Amid Capeci, 1961-2012
    This sad news breaks my heart. It has taken me a while to process since I first heard. What little comfort I can offer to Amy and the family are personal and private remembrances I plan to share just that...
  • Commented on Just Add Water
    WOW! Obviously RB's plan has tweaked a collective nerve. I suppose it's to be expected. But while some posts are hilarious, (Andrea, I laughed until my own set hurt), some seem very uhhhhh... anxious. What's gonna happen? Here's one opinion....
  • Commented on Happy Earth Day! The Greatest Environmental Magazine Covers
    Late to this post, but perhaps of historic interest was the heyday of Garbage Magazine, The Practical Journal for the Environment. As AD I got the chance to redesign it and capitalize on our "No Cover Lines" (well... one eyebrow)...
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