FINI While the film opening title sequence has historically gotten a lot of love (Art of the Title is a great site), Dill Pixel has put together quite a nostalgic collection of typographic closers. Check them out here.

Also, somewhere in the middle were the indigenous location titles from the latest James Bond film.


And for Grant, stills from Casino Royale:

The End.

  • Grant Glas is great! Thanks Mike for sharing this pop culture smash up

    Makes you wonder...

    In the future, will print evolve into an interactive medium where the reader flips through "pages", touch pictures and BOOM a certain song plays.

    How cool would it be to get Entertainment Weekly via paper thin LCD pages and be able to interact by touching certain pictures and playing video.

    As Conan would say: "In the year 2000!"

    It could happen:

  • Grant Glas

    Quantum of Solace (007) has some ingenious titles inserted throughout the movie. The font selection is perfect to describe each location. Midway through the movie I couldn't wait to see what would come next... I guess I'm just a huge font dork, but hey... genius is all in the details.

    I'm also a fan of the opening title sequence in Casino Royal:

    The use of the "poker/playing cards" design element is brilliant!

  • I remember, as a kid, there being such finality to the end screen. The dramas were typically accompanied by a musical dramatic flourish as well. Interesting that many black and whites used a script face to sign off, almost like signing the end of a letter. Some were animated as I recall (my favorite being the Warner Bros cartoons "That's all Folks!"). The location titles in "Quantum" are nice little perks for typophiles.

  • Mike Ley

    That blog is awesome. Focusing on what comes between the title and closer, is a collection of stills paired with an mp3. Each ends up being a pretty interesting escape and riff on the original context.

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