Runner's World Takes On BIGFOOT

Runner's World Takes On BIGFOOT

It's not uncommon for so many in SPD: how should we tackle a story, a package, we've done before? Something we do ALL THE TIME, and yet, keep it fresh? Runner's World DD Kory Kennedy shares a solution from the magazine's recent weight-loss package:
Here at Runner's World, we give our readers a lot of service. A LOT. It's what the people want and lucky for us, they want it over and over again each month. This is a great thing for the health of our newsstand sales and circulation, but for a 3-mile-max-running, design-director-creative-type with a desire to try all 31 flavors, it can get a little "Groundhog Day" around here.

So when the time inevitably came to conceptualize my fourth annual weight-loss package as Design Director, I really needed to mix it up a little and try something completely different. So for our 2010 weight-loss package, entitled "INCREDIBLE WEIGHT-LOSS MYTHS EXPOSED!" I enlisted our friend and photographer Gregg Segal, and together we searched the hills of LA for BIGFOOT (or Sasquatch as he's also referred... although we at Runner's World prefer the nod to a big FOOT) to be our poster child for dieting myths everywhere. Lucky for us, once we tracked the elusive creature down, he could certainly stand to lose a few...

Here is the layout, packed with a LOT MORE terrific service and fun photos:



Photographs by Gregg Segal
Recipes photographs by Antonis Achilleos
Exercise photographs by Steve Boyle and Chris Crisman

The Runner's World creative team includes:

Design Director: Kory Kennedy
Photo Editor: Andrea Maurio
Deputy Art Director: Marc Kauffman
Assistant Art Director: Lee Williams
Associate Photo Editor: Nick Galac
Production Coordinator: Carly Migliori

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  • Christian Jensen

    Fantastic. I love it when designs go outside (ok way outside) the 'box' to keep things fresh and interesting.

  • thank you

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