Importing style: Port hits U.S. ports

Importing style: Port hits U.S. ports Port's lavish production values belie its shoestring budget. The founders of this sharp new style/culture magazine for men--British creative directors Matt Willey and Kuchar Swara and editor Dan Crowe--chose independent financing over backing from a big-name publisher in a desire to showcase content that's "engaging, different, and beautiful," rather than PR-driven fodder.

Instead the editors "persuaded the writers, photographers, and stylists in their high-profile address books to write in return for say 'a very nice bottle of wine' (Martin Amis), a first edition (Frank Skinner) or a colorful tie (Jon Snow)," Eye magazine reports. The result? A beautifully designed quarterly that nods to '60s lad mags with long-form journalism, fiction features, full bleed images, and a minimalist layout that utilizes two Willey custom display fonts. The debut issue reflects the founders' ideals with a cover story by Daniel Day-Lewis on his Gaza trip with humanitarian aid organization Medecins Sans Frontieres plus a contribution from iconic art critic Robert Hughes. Jeremy Leslie collaborated on an ipad app, available through the App Store. Looking forward to issue number two due out in June.








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