Competition Tips: Part 3

You've read our previous Student Design Competition Tips posts (here and here), right? And you're aware that the Student Design Competition deadline is coming soon (early March!!)? Well, read on for more advice...

Tip #4: Think about the magazine this story would appear in if it existed. 
When you design an editorial layout, you're not just designing a page or spread that will stand on its own like a poster or piece of art. Each page is part of a larger object that has its own look and aesthetic, therefore the page/spread should follow that aesthetic. Granted, in this case, you are only designing 4 pages for a magazine that doesn't actually exist .... but you should think about what that magazine would look like if it did, and design your spreads accordingly. 

For example, if you chose the Entertainment Magazine category, and you're showcasing singer Sheryl Crow, then your design should reflect that this category's magazine targets 20-somethings interested in art, music and film as opposed to something else. Imagine what this story would look like in Paste or Interview magazine as opposed to Ladies' Home Journal or Vogue, and you'll realize there is a distinct difference in the overall look. Make sure YOUR design keeps that in mind, whatever category you choose.
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