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Are Magazine Apps Dead?

Are iPad apps dead, or do they still have a bright future? This debate has been raging among app creators for some time, especially in the magazine-making world. Robert Newman has gathered some top app mavens for an online roundtable... MORE

SPD 46: The Design Annual For iPad & iPad mini

The Society of Publication Designers is proud to announce the launch of its second iPad app: SPD 46. This utility-based app is a enhanced companion to our 46th annual hardcover annual featuring the best in editorial design, photography and illustration in print and... MORE

News Corp Shutting Down "The Daily" iPad Publication

News Corp. is ending its "bold experiment in digital publishing and an amazing vehicle for innovation" and shutting down The Daily -- launched only back in February of 2011.According to the press release from News Corp. and obtained by Business Insider:"As part... MORE

Must Read: iPad Design Lab

Having spent some time with Mario Garcia's new iBook, the only way to start off this post is... THE TAKEAWAY: If you're working in publishing, iPad Design Lab is a timely and informative must read. Design Lab ($9.99, Apple iBook, Amazon Kindle) is chock... MORE

10 Lessons from Huffington Magazine

Josh Klenert, former SPD president and head of UX and Design for The Huffington Post, provides 10 takeaway lessons from his first 10 issues of Huffington magazine here. Josh will be on stage with the creative directors of TIME (D.W. Pine)... MORE

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Josh Klenert Promoted to Head of UX & Design for The Huffington Post

Outgoing SPD President, Josh Klenert, has been promoted to Head of UX & Design for The Huffington Post, overseeing the brand on all platforms including web, mobile and its new weekly magazine for iPad, Huffington. ... MORE

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Save The Date: News You Can Use

This year's presidential campaign poses new challenges for news-magazines, tasked with presenting fast-changing election coverage and other news on a dizzying array of tablets and technologies that go beyond print. D.W. Pine of TIME, Dirk Barnett of Newsweek Daily Beast... MORE

Top-Selling iPad Magazine? The New Yorker

According to a report by Distimo, an analytics firm that tracks and compiles app store data, Apple's Newsstand feature has become a significant source of revenue in Apple's app ecosystem. After six months on the market, Newsstand now generates $70,000... MORE

Who Got an iPad Today?

Everybody knows that today is the day that Apple's third-generation iPad arrived in stores (and on front porches). Were you one of the lucky ones? If so, give us your instant review (in the Comments after the jump) ...... MORE

Cover(s) of the Day: Swimsuit Edition

Welcome to The SPD Cover of the Day. We'll be posting our favorite covers every Monday and Wednesday. Stay tuned for the best and coolest magazine and newspaper covers, as selected by our stellar group of experts.Sports IllustratedSwimsuit Issue for... MORE

SPD 47: What the Digital Judges Liked

We concluded judging for our 47th annual competition over the weekend at FIT in NYC, with co-chairs Luke Hayman, Richard Turley and Jeremy Leslie overseeing the print judging and Scher Foord and Joe Zeff supervising the digital judging, and Robert... MORE

How to (re) Make Money: Part 2, Tablet

As a follow up to last week's post all about the print redesign, design director Neil Jamieson gives us more Money with some insight into the development of their tablet versions. ... MORE

Ballgame Banter: SI's Christopher Hercik

Christopher Hercik, Creative Director of Sports Illustrated, and John Korpics, VP/Creative Director for Print and Digital Media at ESPN the Magazine, will share the stage January 26 to talk about their demanding jobs atop the world of sports. Both started their careers as magazine... MORE

Ballgame Banter: ESPN's John Korpics

John Korpics, VP/Creative Director for Print and Digital Media at ESPN the Magazine and a featured speaker at SPD's "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" event later this month at the Helen Mills Theater, shares his favorite sports moments:... MORE

Meet the Pub 47 Digital Judges!

Digital co-chairs Scher Foord and Joe Zeff asked our panel of digital judges to share their thoughts on how social interactions, geo-location and game mechanics would shape app design and development this year.  Here's what they had to say:... MORE

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Speakeasy: Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

The world of sports comes to the Helen Mills Theater next month for an SPD Speakeasy featuring two industry heavyweights: Chris Hercik, Creative Director of Sports Illustrated, and John Korpics, Vice President/Creative Director for Print and Digital Media at ESPN... MORE

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Katachi Magazine: An Engaging iPad Publication Launches

From an Austin, TX BBQ to Norway, a small creative team launches an incredibly interactive magazine app for the iPad, along with a brand new publishing platform. Here, Katachi magazine Managing Editor Max Alexander Berg shares the story behind their debut... MORE

iPad Apps Come to Life!

Reader's Digest has a fun animation in their new December/January iPad app issue, called "When iPad Apps Come Alive!" It's an action-packed look at what happens to an iPad desktop when the apps take over. The animation was created by... MORE

Does One Size Fit All? Let's Discuss!

Adweek yesterday stirred the blogosphere with an article titled "Magazines Pull Back on Tablet Bells and Whistles; Why It's Back To Basics for Some Publishers," quoting publishing executives about how they are simplifying their tablet editions in order to reach... MORE

SPD 47: Khoi Vinh's Favorite Magazine

Khoi Vinh, Co-founder, Lascaux Co.Favorite Magazine: ReederMy favorite bit of 'editorial' design is an iPad (and iPhone) app called Reeder. It's an RSS aggregator. Actually it's just an interface that plugs into my Google Reader account. But it makes surveying... MORE