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8 Publishers Experimenting with Longform Features

With the state of magazine publishing on tablets under much debate (see: pro vs con), several publishers have been upping their game online when it comes to feature-style content outside the boundaries of replicating print editions. This type of design... MORE

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Josh Klenert Promoted to Head of UX & Design for The Huffington Post

Outgoing SPD President, Josh Klenert, has been promoted to Head of UX & Design for The Huffington Post, overseeing the brand on all platforms including web, mobile and its new weekly magazine for iPad, Huffington. ... MORE

Results tagged “web” from Grids

Meet the Pub 47 Digital Judges!

Digital co-chairs Scher Foord and Joe Zeff asked our panel of digital judges to share their thoughts on how social interactions, geo-location and game mechanics would shape app design and development this year.  Here's what they had to say:... MORE

Roger Black on the iPad and his Next Enterprise

Design studio? check.Font foundry? check.Off the shelf magazine templates? check.Fonts for digital platforms? check.Up next in the Roger Black enterprise: Treesaver, a browser-based digital publishing system for multiple screen sizes. A very interesting endeavor considering all the new platforms we need... MORE

Web Fonts Take The Next Step

The Roger Black empire grows by one more company: going live today is Webtype--a partnership with The Font Bureau, Ascender, Petr van Blokland, and DevBridge.This new company's goal is to provide quality typography for websites. In the past, for live, searchable,... MORE

Wonderwall: Our current favorite portfolio display

Wonderwall is a Japanese interior design firm with the coolest, sleekest display of their work. Their interior and product design portfolio is displayed in a series of boxes. When you roll your curser over each box it pulses and bulges... MORE Web Updates

We're now live with three updates to SPD.org1. Front and center on the home page, you will find a dynamic carousel that features links to great posts on SPD.org2. We've added a text alert to the top of the site that we'll... MORE

Society of News Design launches newly redesigned website

The Society for News Design has relaunched and redesigned their website, SND is the newspaper association of "visual journalists," art directors, graphics people, etc. Their site is rich and energetic, and currently features a lengthy entry (with video!) by Roger... MORE

Tips & Tricks: Create a Flash Web Gallery in Adobe Bridge

More and more, we're all being asked to flex our muscles in the world of web design, and, admittedly, there's a completely different learning curve there, so not all of us are completely caught-up yet. Here's a  quick tip about... MORE