Sketch Pad: Time lands on Mars!

Sketch Pad: Time lands on Mars!
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TIME August 20, 2012 • Design Director: DW Pine • Digital Illustration: Joe Zeff Design

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For last week's cover of Time, Joe Zeff and the crew at Joe Zeff design did some out of this world work (sorry!) to help tell the story of the rover "Curiosity" that recently touched down on the martian surface. They were kind enough to give us some insight into their process, check out the sketches and a couple of words from the guys

Explains Zeff: "While Curiosity captures images of Mars, there's nobody on Mars capturing images of Curiosity -- except Curiosity itself. That's where Joe Zeff Design comes in. Ed Gabel started and finished the rendering the same day using NewTek LightWave 3D, the software we've used for more than a decade to create hundreds of magazine covers, advertisements and album artwork. Here's a look at the sketches . . .



here's the wireframe


and the final cover (if you're curious)


Joe's been at this for a while! check out this cover he designed for Time when working as their Deputy Art Director back in 1997


and Ed Gabel (VP of Joe Zeff Design) also produced this maritan classic back in 2004


  • Excellent sketching, thanks for sharing.

  • Those sketching scenes are looking gorgeous . The first sketching looks more nice to me and all other sketching are also nice .

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    great collections!

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