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  • Current Job: Art Director at SF Weekly
  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Favorite Typefaces: gotham, bodoni, clarendon, titling gothic, garamond, futura
  • Commented on Wired US's Design Issue: A Preview
    Great job yall! This makes me want more than one week between issues....
  • Commented on Cover of the Day, November 22, 2010
    I know this is old news but I am catching up on my SPD posts... Yeah, I definitely got lost in the vortex ... over and over. Just ask my coworkers how weird I was that day. And it was...
  • Commented on TIME: The X Factor
    I believe it was Tim O'Brien who did the Al-Zarqawi cover you are talking about. Here is a post of his on Drawger about the Bin Laden cover:
  • Commented on The Covers of the SF Weekly
    Hey thanks yall. I appreciate the kind words. Happy to know that my work inspires others because I draw my inspiration from from all you amazing art directors, illustrators and photographers out there. How about you keep it up so...
  • Commented on Cover of the Day, November 10, 2010
    Hey thanks for posting the link Alex. You are more on top of this than I!...
  • Commented on More Inspiration, or....?????
    There is a great Flickr set addressing just this: Some are straight rip offs, some are inspiration, some are questionable... Great collection though....
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