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Art Director

National Journal Magazine relaunched last year as the premier outlet for thoughtful, smart, fun-to-read storytelling about Washington, politics, and policy. Along with our renewed commitment to beautifully crafted prose came a commitment to making sure that each issue of the magazine was beautifully designed and visually engaging. The magazine was redesigned with this goal in mind; we are now seeking an art director who can carry this vision forward. The art director will design each issue of the magazine, which is published 32 times per year. Responsibilities include: -Brainstorming, commissioning, and overseeing covers; -Recruiting and working with artists to create illustrations for both feature stories and our front of the book; -Working with our photo editor to make sure that each issue includes original, striking photography; -Working with our two production editors to ensure that the design for each issue is well-executed. ‚ÄčThe magazine recently received its first National Magazine Award nomination in 10 years, and its small team of editors and writers are determined to keep building on the improvements of the past year. In addition to excellent design skills, our ideal art director would come with a large rolodex of outstanding freelance artists and photographers who would help to enliven our pages--as well as an understanding of the long hours and sometimes-frenetic-atmosphere involved in putting out a weekly magazine. We would strongly prefer to hire someone who is based in our Washington office.

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