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Digital Editorial Designer, Creative Services

The sharing of ideas and experiences is what moves humanity forward. We're looking for a digital editorial designer to help us shape storytelling on Medium. You'll be working alongside editors and designers within the Creative Services team to bring to life the stories and ideas of our content partners, from conception to publication. You'll need a strong visual aesthetic and a sense for the look and feel of online storytelling. You are comfortable with designing for web/mobile, passionate about the future of digital publications and have a strong understanding of responsive design. You are familiar with trends in online and digital design, including new forms such as Vines, animated GIFs, data visualization. You can think visually. Illustration skills are a strong plus. Responsibilities Working with editors and authors at Medium to determine the best visual treatment for a story Designing and creating layouts for stories and marketing collateral Experimenting with new design/form ideas and suggesting features for product development Assisting Medium editors and designers in identifying and acquiring high-quality photos, illustrations, and other art for stories Valuable skills Solid experience as a designer at a design agency, national web and/or print publications Intimate knowledge of Medium and how images work on the platform An ability and desire to find visual analogs for online stories An ability to innovate with images and form on the platform via animated GIFs, text overlays, gradients, and color washes, among other techniques An ability to manipulate images via Photoshop An ability and desire to advance the design of online editorial layouts and able to prototype new ideas within Illustrator, Sketch and/or InDesign Familiarity with all common image formats--web standards (JPG, PNG, GIF) as well as PSD, AI, and EPS--and an ability to optimize them for web/mobile display

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