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Freelance Designer (Remote Work Possible)

Hello, This is a unique Job Ad in that it is for a publication which will be distributed nationally (including Barnes & Noble, etc.), and will donate 100% of any profit on Magazine sales OR Magazine advertisements directly to charity of any issues you'd be working on. The mission of the publication is to help people achieve Success in a variety of important areas of life. This is for someone who would like to help contribute and volunteer, who has great skill, and who enjoys being a part of a cause with a mission to help others. For someone looking for (additional) credits as part of a nationally distributed publication, and associated with high-quality brands, this opportunity is for you. Also, you may be listed under the "Experts" section of our website along with those who have been published in the Wall Street Journal, National Post, Reuters, etc. with your photo and bio as long as you would like to contribute. The brand is Stylish and Entertaining, but contains extremely helpful content geared towards improving the lives of others. As 100% of the profits will be donated to charity on any issues you would be working on, initially the job is for those who would like to volunteer and donate their skills. Our main criteria are that you have very high-quality work, and you fulfill what you say you are able to do at the time you say you are able to do it (bite off what you can chew, so to speak). In your email, simply send samples of your work, tell us about yourself, and let us know what you could contribute. Thank you and look forward to speaking with you!

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