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Video Researcher (Freelance)

The Video Researcher will play a key role as a dedicated resource for finding and maintaining video/film. This role is perfect for someone with a keen eye for photography/film and excellent organization skills. The ideal candidate is passionate about all things art and is familiar with a wide array of photographers, directors, video/image resources, and research techniques. The researcher should have excellent communication skills, great follow through, and be willing to spend each day going through footage searches. Responsibilities: o Concept, research and secure the best video. o Assist creative department in tracking down the best footage for their specific spots, and search for general videos to add to library in between spots. o Take the lead in building out and managing the agency's video library. o Work quickly on multiple assignments under tight deadlines and roll with last-minute changes. o Be able to determine and evaluate quality and reproduction potential of images. o Generate a large and varied network of vendors and supplies, including stock, photographers, Apple's library, etc. and negotiate fees. o Ability to understand our aesthetic and the nuances of what we're looking for in each project.

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