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From the SPD Archives: The Judges for Publication Design 30, 1995

The judging for the 30th SPD publication design awards was held in late January, 1995, at Parson's School of Design in New York City. The competition chairs were Diana LaGuardia, design director of Conde Nast Traveler and Audrey Razgaitis, art... MORE

Cover of the Day: Classics Edition

Welcome to SPD's Cover of the Day, Classic Edition, a portfolio of brilliant magazine and newspaper cover design from the archives.Details, June 1998Design Director: Robert NewmanPhotography Director: Greg PondPhotograph and creative concept: Seb Janiak... MORE

Dashwood Books: A Curated Bookstore

Story and interview by Greg Pond (A version of this originally appeared in Room 100 magazine)Dashwood Books is the city's only "curated" visual bookstore. Within this teensy, crammed shop, located on Bond Street, owner David Strettell is unassumingly promoting the... MORE

Cover of the Day: Friday Edition

Welcome to SPD's Cover of the Day, a portfolio of brilliant magazine and newspaper cover design from around the world.Room 100, Spring 2013Creative Director: Marne MayerDirector of Photography: Greg PondPhotographs: Ture LillegravenThis is one of four covers for this issue... MORE

Kenji Aoki Photographs for Room 100 Magazine

Here's a tasty photographic treat from the latest issue of Room 100, the in-house magazine distributed by Thompson Hotels to all their locations. The series of vintage top hat photographs is by Kenji Aoki. Greg Pond was the director of... MORE


By GREG PONDIt's been more than three weeks since Steve Jobs passed away. He will be missed by many people, but especially by the creative community which he inspired and enabled. Perhaps for no other group of people does the... MORE

Details Magazine, 1990-2000, Part 2

This fall marks the 20th anniversary of the relaunch of Details magazine by Conde Nast. Earlier this month we profiled a set of Details covers from 1990-1998. Now we've got a feast of photography and illustration, from a stellar set... MORE

Details magazine, version #2, 1990-2000

This fall marks the 20th anniversary of the relaunch of Details by Conde Nast, under the editorship of James Truman, along with creative director Derek Ungless, photo director Greg Pond, and fashion director Bill Mullen. The first issues under Ungless's... MORE

It's Albert Watson's World; We Just Live In It

On Tuesday, November 2nd, the SPD Speakeasy will feature a conversation with photo editor Laurie Kratochvil and photographer Albert Watson about Albert's latest books: Strip Search, a 10-year personal project shooting the life and lives of Las Vegas, and UFO:... MORE

Details "10th" Anniversary

This month, Details celebrates their "10th" Anniversary. Why the quotes? We'll its the 10th anniversary of their relaunch. The title actually dates back 28 years. ... MORE

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John Korpics, New CD at Fortune

John Korpics, former DD at Esquire and CD at InStyle before starting his own design shop, is the new CD at Fortune, replacing both DD Robert Perino and DP Greg Pond. Keith Kelly has more of the behind-the-scenes here.If you've... MORE

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Photography Awards: Section, Single Page or Spread

The award preview greatness continues today as we switch our focus from Illustration to Photography. Always inspiring, photo is the life-blood of our biz. Photography can provide the clearest, most effective service to our readers, often relays the idea with... MORE

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Results tagged “Greg Pond” from Grids

OK is not OK

By GREG PONDPhoto editor: I have the pictures we shot for the Death of a Steel Town story. Editor: How are they? Not too dark, right? I mean, not too depressing?Photo Editor: They're great. A little dark, but dark in... MORE