The Hollywood Reporter Relaunch

The Hollywood Reporter Relaunch The Hollywood Reporter recently relaunched in print and online and debuted a sharp hybrid print/web iPad app. The 80-year old tinseltown trade pub relaunched in print in early November, shifting from a standard sized daily to oversized weekly magazine. The blog style website leverages the print publications typography through dynamic web fonts, and their ipad app shifts between weekly print publication and up-to-the-minute web-based news based on iPad orientation. The print side of their iPad app serves up articles on both sides of their pay wall.
THR creative director Shanti Marlar takes us behind the scenes:

The mission was to create a large-format magazine (10" x 13") that was glamorous and up-scale but still newsy and informative. The magazine needed to transcend B2B and become B2Influener, could sell on the newsstand and still fulfill the subscribers demands. Think Vanity Fair meets the Economist. 2010-12-12 at 12.31.57 PM.png

THR_iPad_magazine cover.PNG
The Hollywood Reporter, December 22, 2010; 80th Anniversary issue (iPad edition) featuring Halle Berry and Sidney Poitier.

A page from THR's "print side" of their iPad app.

News feed-based "Breaking News" side of the THR iPad app.

Regularly updated and dynamic Box Office and TV Ratings charts within the "Breaking News" side of THR's iPad app.

Razorfish worked on the redesign of the website, iPad and print edition. The project timing was very tight. The website was rolled out before the print or ipad editions started. The website's navigation was drastically improved over the previous website as well as the visual. 

The Hollywood Reporter, November 10, 2010; Relaunch issue featuring: Amy Adams, Nicole Kidman, Natalie Portman, Helena Bonham Carter and Anette Benning; photographed by Lorenzo Agius.

The Hollywood Reporter, December 8, 2010 featuring Michael Douglas; photographed by Platon.

About 2 weeks after that we published the first issue. Tal Leming designed the logo. The magazine is full of info-graphics, charts and original photography. The magazine is more in-depth than the website. The large-format is the perfect stage for our beautiful photography overseen by our Photo Director, Jennifer Laski. Art director, Peter Cury leads the design team every week with his info-graphics, beautiful typography and speedy layouts.

The ipad started about 2 weeks later. The ipad is templated and works through a CMS and is meant to be somewhat automated. But of course, nothing creative can be truly automated so we make all of the charts and graphics for the ipad each week. We also create a daily pdf edition that sums up the previous day's news and produce special report issues. Glossy "bookazines" are planned for next year as well.

Thumbnail image for THR_women FEATURE.jpg
We are getting great feedback from industry leaders and from the creative world. We've been working with amazing photographers, Art Streiber, Lorenzo Agius, Bill Phelps and David Strick. We have amazing access to world-renowned film and tv talent, creators and industry executives that it's truly inspiring to be a part of.

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The Hollywood Reporter team:
Shanti Marlar, Creative Director
Peter Cury, Art Director
Tom White, Ada Guerin, Associate AD
Jackie Rubi, Emily Johnson, Senior Designer
Jennifer Laski, Photo Director
Jenny Sargent, Deputy Photo Editor

Type families: Brunel and National

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  • martinjoseph

    It was so nice to read this awesome infographic on movies. I won't even imagine to create such post. My favorite one is Pixar vs Dreamworks.

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  • Chris Skiles

    Wow. Clean and classy. Nice upgrade!

  • Neil Jamieson

    congrats the hollywood reporter! Looks great and the info-graphics are sharp! THR has one heck of a team out there in LA to be able to produce all that content every week! Bravo!

  • Robert Newman

    Nice post Josh. This redesign looks really nice (and hard to do every week!)

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