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10 Essential iPad Apps for Publication Designers (2nd Edition)

There's no time like the present for our 2nd edition of the essential apps you need for your iPad. This time out, the focus was around reference, inspiration and utility-based apps. Again, nowhere near a definitive list, but an ongoing look... MORE

Cover of the Day, April 22, 2011

Welcome to The SPD Cover of the Day. Today, we have a multiple platform edition featuring PM's May 2011 cover for print, iPad and their newest platform: Samsung Galaxy. Stay tuned for the best and coolest magazine and newspaper covers, as... MORE

GQ iPad App v2.0

You get an email saying that Fred Woodward would like to show you the new GQ iPad app that's about to launch. What do you do other than say "I'll be up there faster that you can spell "Galifianakis"?The new... MORE

From SXSW: SPIN Play App for iPad

Falling under the category of "reinvent," SPIN debuts a killer new app for iPad called SPIN Play here in Austin, TX. CD Devin Pedzwater and DD Ian Robinson worked with development shop Bottle Rocket to create the app which leverages the printed... MORE

Reinventing your Publication for the Tablet

Reformat or Reinvent your publication for the iPad? That was the question Joe Zeff answered yesterday in San Francisco at The WoodWing World Tour as WoodWing showed off its latest additions, including a set of HTML5 widgets that provides publishers with a... MORE

Must Download App: The Cut

New York Magazine quietly launched a sharp new app called The Cut on the Runway late last month. It's a must download! Already live with a print-based app, New York has created an elegant and robust app based on one... MORE

The Daily Launches

The Daily, the much rumored iPad app from News Corp., officially launched today. Verizon is sponsoring a 2-week free trial, so you can get in there today and play around with it before the .99 cent weekly subscription kicks in.News Corp... MORE

A Recipe for Hotcake-Selling Magazine Apps

Joe Zeff Design has a smart new post on how magazines can start selling their iPad apps "like hotcakes." They argue for reinvention of the product, and point to the new O Magazine Sketchbook App for iPad as an example.... MORE

The Hollywood Reporter Relaunch

The Hollywood Reporter recently relaunched in print and online and debuted a sharp hybrid print/web iPad app. The 80-year old tinseltown trade pub relaunched in print in early November, shifting from a standard sized daily to oversized weekly magazine. The... MORE

Fast News for December 2, 2010

SPD MEDIA MIX is our regular list of publication design, digital, and media news and updates. Please send your links and news items to SPD at and we'll add them to the Mix. >> Advertising Age announced their Media Vanguard Awards. Among the winners... MORE

Mag App: Project magazine

Engadget sat down with Sir Richard Branson to discuss the launch of his iPad-only Project magazine ($2.99 per issue). Sir Engaget reports that Branson had "no f**king idea why" Project was only on the iPad and not on the web... MORE

The Economist Meets the iPad

The Economist debuted their iPad app this week--a weekly version of their print pub along with an audio edition so users can "listen to every article, read by professional newscasters, with easy switching between reading and listening."Print subscribers will receive... MORE

Fast News for October 26, 2010

SPD MEDIA MIX is our regular list of publication design, digital, and media news and updates. Please send your links and news items to SPD at and we'll add them to the Mix.>> W creative director Jody Quon is leaving after just... MORE

Paper to Pixels v2: Lessons from Last Night

In what is hopefully the first of many events dedicated to the new world of the iPad and other tablets, Joe Zeff, D.W. Pine, Neil Jamieson, Michael Lawton and Peter Herbert shared their lessons learned in this new frontier.A few thoughts... MORE

Paper to Pixels v2: Favorite Apps

In advance of our first speaker series event dedicated to the iPad, we've asked our expert panel to submit their favorite apps. Here's a look at their fave design, news, and photo apps:Design AppsFlipboard It's an interesting idea: taking web content... MORE

Paper to Pixels v2: Meet the Panel

Coming up on Wednesday, September 22 at the Helen Mills Theater: Paper to Pixel v2: iPad Apps. Meet our panel and get your tickets now (after the jump)--they're going fast.Neil Jamieson, PeopleWhen your brand generates a billion dollars annually and the print... MORE

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Paper to Pixels v2: iPad Apps

Lessons from launching the first wave of magazine apps With the advent of the iPad and other mobile devices, magazines are facing the challenge of translating their content and design from printed page to tablet screen. Our panel of designers ... MORE

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Fast news for August 23, 2010

Welcome to our new quick news update feature, SPD MEDIA MIX. This will be a regular occurring list of publication design and digital updates. Please send your links and news items to SPD at and we'll add them to... MORE

Covering Google

Fortune magazine hits newsstands and debuts on the iPad with a bold question: Is Google Over? If so, what a wild ride its been since Stanford computer science grad students Larry Page and Sergey Brin began collaborating on a search engine in... MORE

10 Essential iPad Apps for Publication Designers

Those of us excited about the possibilities of the tablet have already seen the big-name magazine apps for iPad, like Time, Wired, Sports Illustrated, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, and Entertainment Weekly's Must List. (If you haven't, take a few minutes... MORE