Mag App: TIME Magazine v2.0

Mag App: TIME Magazine v2.0

Min online is reporting on TIME magazine's upcoming update to their current fairly straightforward print-to-tablet reformat iPad app. Min's post is worth a read, and after the jump watch an updated SPD-exclusive video demo of their new app which is to include a video enabled cover, more imaginative use of interfaces, photos, videos plus links to live Web media.

Catch the liveblog of TIME Design Director D.W. Pine talking app development at the Poynter Institute's "Power of the Tablets" conference here.

  • Grant Glas

    This app looks amazing! The Wonderfactory and Woodwing are doing work. Goes to show - if you have 10-15 developers behind an app - you can do some pretty cool things.

    Side note / shameless self-promotion: My team's first iPad app is now available for free to download (search: Indiana Roof)!


    Just click on the app icon to open itunes.

  • Nikola Mileta

    Well, this one is really great. Much better than the previous one. I also totally like the Canon ad.

    Since I am from Croatia (we dont have iPad over here yet) and I work in a company thats part of european media giant Gruner und Jahr they have sent us one iPad so we can get familiar with it. I have spent few days at home playing with it and I must say that experiences are different. For example Wired app is great in my opinion. Previous Time app was confusing for me too much.

    Getting around the app and knowing where are you at the moment in the app was bit confusing. But i think it is normal. This is something totally new. We are all used to flipping the pages and knowing in any second where you are and where you are going. It will take time to get used to it and to invent new models of browsing/reading experiences.

    What I liked about Wired is that is pretty simple. Great design and I always knew where I am at.

    Other one I liked was from Paris Match. Nice transition of design from horizontal to vertical. Nice solution for multiple image browsing, audio... I liked it.

    IPad is still at home so today I plan to check the Popular Mechanics.

    All in all, totaly new experience, but I think that it will take ages for iPad to replace print. There are many reasons why. Maybe in US this will expand rapidly, but in some other countrys it will not. For example, iPad will be pretty expensive over here. Our wirelles concetions are slower than in US so it is a bit frustrating to wait for the video to download. Also there is the market problem. Since we are small market, with small number of iPad owners, magazine apps will wait for a long time to achieve newsstand sales copys. This will raise the question of profitabillity of the app and so on and so on.

    It is the future thats for shore, but a distant one.

  • Nancy Stamatopoulos

    Insane. Insane. INSANE. Was there ANY detail not addressed? This app has my head spinning with excitement...right down to the camera ad that lets you customize your purchase (and preview the portrait with the zoom lens choice, what the...?) I'm impressed. And a great presentation too. Rewinding now and watching again.

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